A ruby programmer is called a rubyist, an elixir programmer is called an alchemist, a Go programmer is called a gopher, what is an Elm programmer called?

what is an Elm programmer called?

How about an Evangelist? :wink:

(Before any comments please remember it’s just a joke. Thank you)


My first, unavoidable, somewhat embarrassed thought was that an Elm programmer should be called an Ent.

… Samwise Gamgee mentions his cousin Hal claims to have seen a treelike giant, which resembled an elm not only in size but also in actual appearance, in the north of the Shire.


That would have unfortunate implications about the speed of development :wink:


Don’t be embarrassed, that’s my favorite idea too. :slight_smile:
Ents take care of trees, good care, and functional programming is a lot about trees.

Also, ents think and then act and this is a good thing to do, even if the acting takes a while.


Perhaps knowledge of the conclusion spread beyond knowledge of the supporting logic, so I would encourage folks who are answering questions like this to give the background as much as possible!

Yup this is the problem. When a thread pops up with someone asking what Elm programmers are called and one or more people respond with some variant of “a programmer”, it’s even more effective at generating an “us vs you” situation. Looking at @robin.heggelund’s response it’d be easy to interpret it as “Look everyone it’s an outsider, they don’t even know that we don’t label ourselves!” While I know that’s not how it was intended, and I agree with the underlying argument, it’s not exactly a warm welcoming embrace, which isn’t great as this is the kind of question someone that’s new to (and excited about) the language would ask.

Giving more background probably wouldn’t help much either, it’s a bit of a buzz kill. Maybe it would be better to recommend that they make up their own label that demonstrates their experience with Elm and put it in their bio.

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