Announcing the calendar

Tomorrow is December 1st and to give you something to look forward to every day until the 25th, we at Bekk have been working hard on an Elm themed christmas calendar. One blog post will be revealed every day up to and including December 24th.

The theme for this year’s calendar is to present a nice trick or explain a useful concept, that might not have been covered in any introduction-to-elm material. As such, the target audience for the christmas calendar are developers whose skill level is somewhere in between absolute beginner and masterful expert.

We hope you all enjoy, crafted with love from Norway!


Are the old and posts still available on the webs? Some posts from the 2018(19?) often pop up on google and they are well written, with short examples!

Old functional christmas are still available, yes. Couldn’t find the old posts. I’ll ask what happened to them.

As Italian who loves not only learning but also creativity, I like this idea too much. Thanks, best, m

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Really love this! Thanks for creating it!

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