Cannot find Extra.DateTime package

Hi all,

I installed the package PanagiotisGeorgiadis/Elm-DatePicker and tried to implement it using the example on Elm-DatePicker-examples/DateTimePicker.elm at master · PanagiotisGeorgiadis/Elm-DatePicker-examples · GitHub

The import on line 13 gives me some trouble:

import Extra.DateTime as DateTimeExtra

I cannot find the package needed. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance!


Maybe it is from the same package:

Hi Gorgoroth,

Thank you for your reply. I think you are right. The code in the Extra folder contains the functions referred to.

However, still I am stuck. I allready installed the datepicker package. But the compiler is not able to find the import of the extra functions.

Hope you can help me with what is most likely a newbie question.

I am a newbie, too.
However, I think you have to download the ‘Extra’ folder from the github repo into your ELM project source folder.

Thanks, but I am not sure about that. I installed the package using the command

elm install PanagiotisGeorgiadis/elm-datepicker

Untill now, that worked fine for me. But it seems not to find the subdirectories.

Extra.DateTime is not part of the package.
Is a module defined here Elm-DatePicker-examples/DateTime.elm at master · PanagiotisGeorgiadis/Elm-DatePicker-examples · GitHub

Hello everyone!

Sebastian is right! The Extra.DateTime is just a helper module defined in the “consuming application” for ease of use.
I’ve added it in the examples repo in order to provide some real world examples for elm-datetime as well!
Hope that clears it a bit!

Thank you. That clarified it for me.
Gorgoroth was right that I should put them in my project folder.

@PanagiotisGeorgiadis Thanks for the package and examples!

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