Custom views in Confidenceman02/elm-select

The menu items in elm-select are rendered as plain text nodes and for the most part, this is really enough. It’s an implementation that keeps things close to how things look with the native select element.

I’ve needed some richer looking menu items for some recent work and decided it was a good update to the package. I was also inspired by the very excellent Selectize package which supports custom views.

Very happy with the added flexibility and I hope it provides some value to folks looking to implement fancier looking menu items.



just wanted to say this package is looking gorgeous and really feature rich! I’m really glad that we have something like that right now.

I’m creating a library focusing on stateless widgets and I have an html-only autocomplete there that “works” but I’m suggesting yours for anyone that needs something more robust :slight_smile: thanks for working on it!

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