Early release of the Elm-pair editor tool

Hi folks! I’ve been working on an editor integration for Elm. I’d like to eventually support a full range of functionality like you might expect from an IDE, without the need to learn or remember a bunch of keyboard shortcuts or context menus. Elm-pair isn’t there yet, but I think it has enough functionality now for it to be useful.

I’ve made a short recording (less than two minutes) showing it’s current functionality. If you’re interested, please give it a look!

If this tool seems useful to you, and if you’re using the Neovim editor and nix package manager, then please give it a try and let me know what your experience is like. This would help me a lot in figuring out what functionality to focus on next. You can find installation instructions here.

If you’re using a different editor and would like to use elm-pair with it then please let me know too! I want to add support for more editors, among other things, and haven’t decided yet which one to add support for next.

Note for folks who remember this thread: I promise it’s not a fake this time!


This is awesome work, Jasper! :heart_eyes:

Thanks for sharing your progress with us!


I was so sad it wasn’t real last time! This looks like a great start :+1: time to bust out nvim again :grin:


I’m so excited for this!

Is there currently a way to somehow plug it manually into my neovim setup without starting handling my neovim plugins via nix?

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Yes, you can install the neovim-plugin/ directory as a regular Vim plugin. How to do it depends on how you manage your Vim plugins. You might already know how, if you run into trouble let me know, I’d be happy to help!

If you go this route you will need to make sure an elm-pair binary is on your $PATH. I’m not distributing binaries yet. I want to write a small script to cross-compile binaries for MacOS and Linux soon. Until that’s ready you can build and install elm-pair using Nix (in case you have it installed, just not using it to manage your Vim setup), or cloning the elm-pair repo and running cargo install. Happy to help out if you’ve any questions!

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If that’s of use to you @jwoudenberg here is my Rust+Elm CI setup to build executables automatically: elm-test-rs/ci.yml at master · mpizenberg/elm-test-rs · GitHub


Ohh, this is super useful! Thank you!

I just released a new version of Elm-pair. The biggest changes:

  • You no longer need Nix to install Elm-pair. You can now install the Neovim plugin the way you would any other Neovim plugin. The first time you open an Elm file the plugin will download an Elm-pair binary suitable for your platform (currently Linux and Mac x86_64 binaries are available) automatically. No other editor support just yet, sorry!
  • Elm-pair will no longer reparse the entire Elm project when a single file changes. The incremental updating on file changes introduces important groundwork for future Elm-pair functionality.
  • The release includes bugfixes for a number of bugs.

The new simplified installation instructions can be found here. If you run into any problems or bugs I’d love to know!

I’m currently working on Elm-pair pretty much full time while doing a half-batch at The Recurse Center, so expect more functionality!


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