Elm-explorations/test 2.0.0 released!

I’m happy to announce the 2.0.0 version of elm-explorations/test has been released!

In it you’ll find a nicer-to-use Fuzz module API, the andThen function, a way to check the value distribution of your fuzzers, and more.

For full release notes see CHANGELOG.md. Here are the highlights:

  • Fuzzing and shrinking reimplementation (re-adding Fuzz.andThen etc.)
  • Test.Distribution: fuzzer distribution reporting
  • Test.Html.Event additions
  • Expect.true and Expect.false removal
  • Test.Runner.Failure.format removal

:warning: Don’t forget to upgrade your test runners as well!

Many thanks to @gampleman, @harrysarson, @mattpiz, @lydell and @lue-bird for all the feedback and help with this release! :clap:

Feel free to ask questions here, in a GitHub issue or in the #testing channel on the Elm Slack.

Happy testing!


I’m a little surprised by that! Is there a post that goes into why, maybe that Expect.pass/fail should be used in an if expression otherwise?

edit: test/CHANGELOG.md at master · elm-explorations/test · GitHub

These functions were encouraging an easy but not idiomatic way to create an Expectation in situations where other Expect.* functions would have been a better choice.

You can still achieve the same result with:

  |> Expect.true "string saying what went wrong"

  |> Expect.equal True
  |> Expect.onFail "string saying what went wrong"

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