ElmLS 2.4.0 and VSCode Client 2.4.0 are out

I’ve just cut new releases of the server and the vscode client, so feel free to update!


  • Update dependencies
  • Updated language server
    • Implement fuzzy matching when using the workspace symbol search
    • Ignore suppressed elm-review errors
    • Parsing improvements
    • Fix references and renames being wrong in some edge case
    • Fix edge case where type inference was not returning correct results
    • Fix auto import when there are module docs and no imports
    • Fix type inference for cases, that need more then 26 types
    • Update dependencies

There were some additional updates to our docs, that are not listed in the changelog.

  • Fix auto import when there are module docs and no imports

I don’t see it mentioned in the readme, how do you use auto import?

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not sure you are aware, but it fixed a bunch of false positive warnings when using elm-ui as well. I was getting tons of “this is not used” and the likes, now all gone and working properly. I wish I had saved these and taken a screenshot to show exactly.

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Auto imports happen, when you select a completion, that needs an import, that you don’t have.


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