Encapsulated Elm development enviroment

Hi fellow Elm enthusiasts,

I have recently stumbled upon the toast project.

In some small projects I have built with elm, I use to wrap my development using Dockerfiles manually and combining them using docker-compose.

Using toast this can all be reduced into 1 neat yaml file.
The main benefit with this technique is that anyone can come into the project, install toast, run the command and start coding right away.

https://github.com/b-m-f/elm-on-toast contains a simple Proof of concept.

Any thoughts on this approach?

At first sight toast looks like a kind of Docker on Docker. What is the benefit of using toast, compared to using Docker?

Its indeed just a wrapper around docker.

The main benefit that I see is the convenience provided here.

Instead of having to docker docker build . -t some_name && docker run -p PORT:PORT -v VOLUME:VOLUME some_name or maintaining two files and doing docker-compose up for self standing apps, its simply toast.
On the other hand, if the production version is using docker-compose it might be beneficial to just use that locally as well.

Using it so far has been straight forward :slight_smile:

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