🎙 Episode 049: Optimizing Performance with Robin Hansen is out!

:studio_microphone: Episode 049: Optimizing Performance with Robin Hansen is out!

We talk about @robin.heggelund’s work optimizing Elm, and the opportunities that remain for Elm performance improvements.

We hope you enjoy the episode!


Really loved this ep! Favourite so far


@dillonkearns I confirm that using workers is a great fit for Elm ports. In my app I’m sending Elm port messages to a web worker in charge of Firebase (auth, database, storage, server functions), and sending the results back to Elm ports. It’s a bit tricky because you have to assign unique IDs to messages, but that way the main thread is doing only UI and is not blocked by stuff in the background.

PS: Loved this episode, just like the others :+1:


@Laurent, communicating with Firebase through ports using a web worker seems a very interesting topic. Is there any post/article/repo where we can learn more about this?

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@lucamug Unfortunately no post/article/repo that I know of. Hopefully one day I will have enough time to create a SSCCE repo along with a blog for explanations.


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