I made Hideout, a service for private, persistent chat rooms

What is Hideout?

Hideout is a self-hosted service that makes private, persistent chat rooms possible. It requires no installation or account creation. Unlike disposable chat, a Hideout room preserves privacy without expiring.

The GitHub repo contains a detailed introduction, and guides for hosting, building, and contributing: https://github.com/techmindful/hideout

A video demo can be watched here: https://vimeo.com/564494164.

A demo instance is running at hideout-demo.com. Uptime is expected to be unstable. Do not trust it for your own private conversations.

Language stack is Haskell/Elm. Haskell, Elm, and the privacy community need more killer apps! Hideout tries to be as pretty and feature-rich as possible, so that when people opt for privacy, they won’t be getting a lackluster alternative.


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