I am curious if anybody is already working on or considering making an integration with inertia.js. I am very curious about rails + inertia.js + elm. I wonder if it would work out nicely.


I found this sketch so far - inertia-elm-experiment/Inertia.elm at master · sebastiandedeyne/inertia-elm-experiment · GitHub

Overall I am intrigued by blitz.js and inertia.js zero api approaches, but I am unsure if it would result in cleaner overall front end and backend or if a regular spa + rest API would end up with a cleaner result.

After reading Who is it for? page I get that Inertia.js tries to solve the problems of modern SPAs in JavaScript realm. Regardless of choosing the backend language and framework, building an API on it and make it consumable by JSON, ProtoBuf or GraphQL, I don’t see any added benefits that Inertia.js brings to the table. Let me explain:

In summary, when I try to solve problems in JavaScript realm and translate it back into Elm, I often ask myself whether It’s a good idea or not. Not that Elm always provide the best solutions for each and every web application requirements, but I try to compare my solutions with Structure section on the Elm guide. It’s always a good reference for me. Thanks @rtfeldman :pray:t2:


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