Making the case for Elm at my company. Looking for help!


We switched to Elm a few years back and have never looked back. I suppose it was easier from my perspective because I was the decision maker, but I still had to get buy in from all the devs… Most of whom were react / non FP devs. I held lunch and learns to show the benefits, then we slowly started using it wherever we could… Very small areas initially. The hiring argument has never been a problem. I’ve never hired anyone who knew Elm already, but I also haven’t experienced anyone having a difficult time ramping up on it in a very short time. Also in every case, they we’re eager to come on board with the prospect of getting to use it.
Not to throw shade, but something seems amiss to me that a non technical leader is determining what the stack should be. A good leader should instead hire people that they trust, and trust them to make those kind of decisions IMO.


I can share a bit of our experience. I would like to share more someday and hope I can find time for that.
In our team, we switched to Elm around a year ago. The interesting fact is that we are hiring front-end developers for a long time already. And when AngularJS position was opened lonely we hired no one. Since we are hiring Elm devs we already hired two new employees who are desired to work with Elm. Which is a great thing for managers. They can see the result in practice. Because code change from AngularJS to Elm has no visual difference (maybe rendering is faster in Elm version). It’s still the same looking app, which inside is much more reliable.


Another interesting fact is that we found a great solution to reuse existing code in Elm. Which makes the transition painless. We write all the new stuff in Elm. We reuse old AngularJS code from Elm. When it’s time to do a major refactoring of old AngularJS code we rewrite some parts to Elm. So the transition is very smooth.


Thanks for the link! Exactly what I was looking for. :+1:


Could you say more about how you reuse AngularJS components from Elm? My project currently has a big AngularJS app, and if there’s any chance we’re going to move away from that, we should be able to reuse some existing code in Elm at least


I wrote about it here. Please let me know if you have questions. We may create an NPM package if it will be useful.

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