Spinning up an IPFS Node in Elm

I would like to know what the best way to use JS IPFS or IPFS in Elm.
I know I could use ports, but I was more interested in something more reusable.

My goal:
To spin up an IPFS node in the clients Browser in Elm.

How can I achieve this best?

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um what exactly is ipfs?

inter planetary file system

I’m also curious about using Elm with IPFS. It might be a really great fit.

I missed the London Elm Meetup last month in which someone discussed their experiences integrating IPFS with Elm. Perhaps someone who attended can summarize the talk.

For others reading this thread, there is an Elm package for working with IPFS, but I’m assuming it doesn’t include the functionality desired by @CSDUMMI

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The best way is to just use ipfs-js and communicate with it through ports. Ipfs is by nature very side-effect heavy, so that’s what makes most sense, in contrast to having some kind of binding to Elm.

You can start out by adding a simple <script> tag to some externally stored js-ipfs in your index.html file. Eventuall you’ll want to work with a bundler like, parceljs or webpack.

I hope this gives you a headstart. IPFS is a great idea, I love when people want to use it. It’s been a little unreliable for me, personally, but I’ve already seen it become better and better with time.

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