State of Localization (l10n) and v0.19

It’s already on our radar.

So do we.

Making a wrapper for some browser API and posting it is not the right way to propose something for the platform. We looked at GitHub - vanwagonet/elm-intl: Bindings to JavaScript Internationalization API and quickly decided not to consider it further because it just wraps the Intl API instead of serving to explain what an ideal Elm API that uses Intl could be. We think this is a pretty hard question in its own right considering how much stuff Intl actually does.

It seems to me like this thread is really about how to do something in 0.19 that uses Native modules. The answer is to use ports or custom elements. This is going to happen for other people’s programs and other repos that distribute third party Native code. Intl isn’t special in that regard, nor is it uniquely poorly suited for ports and custom elements.

If you want to help the process along while we finish 0.19 the first step is always a literature review. Find ways that other languages and platforms address the specific i18n use cases that you have in mind (Intl does a lot of stuff that we consider distinct APIs), present what you learned and share your sources.