Text editors - what are you using?

Lately I have been trying to make a simple text editor using a text area.

It’s using pablohirafuji/elm-markdown under the hood, It gives me an AST that I render using elm-ui after adding a few custom elements not present in the original markdown spec (like font selection or color).

I am wrapping the text area in a custom element in order to grab the selection bounds and to highlight newly inserted element.

demo here

It is still far from being ready, but I think I should be able to complete it. This approach does not feel very robust however, and my code isn’t pretty.
I know there has been several topics concerning rich text editors on this forum, but unless I am mistaken I don’t think there is a pure-elm editor ready yet.

The example editor coming with elm-markup does look promising though.

What have you people been using in order to let users create contents for your elm-spas?

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We use quill wrapped in a custom element, it has been much nicer thank our original custom element version that only used ContentEditable.

Is Quill hard to use? do you have any code I could look at?

Never did myself but I remember a few conversations happening around the subject:

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