Transition plan from Google Groups

TL;DR: I’d like us to do a trial run for 30 days, then shutter Google Groups.


  1. Announce to elm-discuss that we’re trying to find alternatives. (done)
  2. Allow existing threads to conclude but ask that all new posts be redirected here.
  3. After 30 days, put elm-discuss in read-only mode.
  4. Change elm-discuss links everywhere to point here.

If there are any problems with that plan, sound off in the replies. If you’re reading this and you’re part of trial, please create new threads so we can solve individual issues in individual threads.


Oh yeah, if I don’t hear any nays by tomorrow morning CST, I’m going to post on elm-discuss and start step #2. :slight_smile:


This looks great, @brian! Thank you for taking this initiative.


One thing that I’ve never understood about Discourse is that it both nests replies and also shows them linearly at the top level, at the same time. So you can easily end up seeing two copies of a single message (see screenshot). Does anyone think that this is a Good Thing? It makes no sense to me, and makes it difficult to follow the message hierarchy.


Yes, we’ve been talking about that in Test help code doesn’t compile. I will be monkeying around with the settings to see if we can alleviate how awkward this is. But I don’t think it’s a deal-breaker.

The thing that puzzles me is how anyone can think that this is a good way to present the info.

Here’s an official tutorial about migrating from google groups to discourse. Not sure how helpful but worth a look.

@brian, I’m trying to add Discourse to the elm-news aggregator.

Unfortunately, the API request throws a CORS error because the “access-control-allow-origin” header sent from the server is blank.

Would you be willing to allow either all servers (*) CORS access, or at least I believe it’s a configuration called “cors_origin” in the app.yml file.

@inder: Thanks for finding that, but I think we’re going to change elm-discuss to read-only and start fresh here. We’d have to categorize every single post ever over there. It’ll be available as long as Google still hosts groups so that discussions don’t get lost.

@igray I’ve added to the CORS origins. Please let me know if you run into any more trouble in a private message.

Edit: realized what a big hole that creates and turned it off again. Please message me and we’ll figure something out that will work for you without creating a vulnerability.

Hello, thanks for taking the time to do this.
What would happen to r/elm in your best case scenario ?

I don’t see why anything should need to happen to it. People enjoy themselves there. It’s out of scope.

Great choice with Discourse! A lot of features and functionality that make it far superior to Google Groups. Thank you for putting the time and effort in to guide this transition @brian.


Hi Brian, Thanks for sorting out Discourse, this is much better than the google group.

We’re going to proceed with this migration by making Elm Discuss on Google Groups read-only on January 1, 2018. Most discussion has already migrated over to Discourse. We will be repointing links as we find them, please help out by moving any you control and letting me know about any we miss.

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Google Groups is now read-only. Long live Discourse! :stuck_out_tongue: