Windows XP on my laptop

Hello. Please tell me, is there a distribution kit that will be installed on Windows XP 32 bits? The latest version did not fit.

There aren’t any 32-bit binaries at the moment, but there was a request for use cases from this thread.

Is upgrading a possibility? I would be worried about security holes in Windows XP at this point, Microsoft no longer provides security updates or anything for it.

I know this isn’t what you asked for but I strongly agree with @antew here, put a linux on that box and it’ll be good for years but using XP in 2020 is dangerous.

Updates are still coming out. XP has been updated for many years, as it is installed in ATMs and some banks. I have a home version, updates may be over now, this or next year. I read about it somewhere.

What? XP support has ended FIVE years ago!

If you are still using XP, you are hacked.

It was dusting your eyes (a newspaper duck, just made more believable), so that you would start paying money for other operating systems at one time. If you are still using Windows 10, you are hacked too.

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Latest installed 16/04/2019 and for the Office even later.

I don’t speak for the core team but my intuition tells me that there is zero chance of getting this kind of setup supported officially. You could try to build the compiler yourself but I don’t expect that to be straight forward.

In terms of actual effort, it might be way easier to dual-boot into a linux that can run on your machine and do your elm development there.

Alternatively if your machine is powerful enough and your OS is supported by VirtualBox, you could install the linux into a virtual machine.

Thank you for the information, I will keep in mind.

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