I come from Cape Town but for 2019 I have moved to the beautiful rural area of Kosi Bay, South Africa for a bit of a different cultural experience. It is nice to be able to have a job that supports working anywhere in the world.

Kosi Bay offers great experiences in nature. Seeing baby turtles hatch, one on one experience with an elephant walking down the sand track we were driving on, snorkelling experiences in the river mouth and sea, sharing a cave overnight with bats, popping over to Ponta do Oura, Mozambique for lunch and back again in a day.

I am a technology enthusiast with a career in programming and back-end software development, QA, CI/Automation, DevOps and Cloud Deployments. I have interfaced with a variety of fields such as Transportation Engineering, Unified Communications, Web Analytics and most recently, Bioinformatics.

I possess a broad knowledge of current technologies but aim to specialise in the fields of data science and statistics while maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of the DevOps discipline. I am particularly fascinated by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

I am always eager to learn and pass on knowledge. I strive at all times to ‘be the mentor I wish I had’.

I value companies which contribute to free and open-source projects and who provide a meaningful impact to the bottom of the income pyramid.