A change in Elm’s roadmap.md!

A commit that removes the words “in browsers” in the roadmap readme. Cool to see Evan and co are exploring things that will really make a difference.

Im envisioning server-side Elm, we socket-html rendering, webassembly and native Elm. Lots of fun paths to explore and innovate.

Context: Once every few months I check the forum and repo for a pulse :laughing:


It could be that but it could also just be some touching up for the roadmap document to make it read better. I’d wait for an official announcement if there’s something like that in the pipeline.


It looks like all the commits for roadmap.md happened within a two-day span (from initial creation to the latest commit that you’re pointing to), so I think it’s very likely it’s as @MartinS said, just tightening up the language of the document.

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Yeah you two are likely right. I was having fun making some conjectures.

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