A composable way of joining dictionnaries

I was looking for a way of doing SQL queries through Dict but, I couldn’t found one that compose infinitely. It was always a bunch of functions foldl2, foldl3, foldl4, etc.
If you have the same problem as me, you can get a look at the joinable-dict package I recently published.
The idea is to specify your type the new joined Dict will hold and then call the joining functions. This package also provide a way to join any container convertible into a Dict. Then you can join your container to a Dict to another type of container to result in a new Dict in the same request.

Intrigued ? Check out joinable-dict 1.0.1 for more information ! I’m really looking forward to your feedback !

PS: For now I only created the way to “joinDict but I am working on a way to modify them with a request associated to a function. I already have a version for my use case but not enough generic and simplified.


This is great! I’ve been using these in memory dbs more as I work with lamdera.

Thank you !
What do you mean by using it with lamdera ? In which cases ?

Sorry I wasn’t clear there. I have not used your join library. I have been using dicts as if they were tables however, in a similar way.

I’m mostly running into this when building on lamdera, as part of my backend model.

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