A little love for Elm & Deno

For anyone who likes to work with Elm in a Deno environment, I’ve built https://github.com/wolfadex/deno_elm_compiler for compiling Elm to JS (not listed in the Deno third party libs yet but still very usable) as well as https://github.com/wolfadex/deno_elm_http to allow using elm/http within Deno. The latter is still very new and has only been lightly tested. I also don’t plan on linking the http helper to Deno’s third party libs as I don’t think Deno should have a general XMLHttpRequest polyfill, just one for Elm for the time being.Let me know if you have any questions about either or if you find any issues.

Thanks to @rtfeldman and everyone else who contributed to node-elm-compiler as I was definitely inspired by that, I just wanted to have it available in Deno too.

Now available through Deno at https://deno.land/x/deno_elm_compiler


BTW, I had to write (or borrow and adapt more like) and XMLHttpRequest implementation for Node, for elm-serverless. Not sure if it is any help or not for Deno, but you can find the implementation here:

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