A Techno Drum App

Just published a Medium article about translating text into drum sounds:

The program (written in Elm, of course!) is inspired by an section in James Gleick’s book, The Information, in which he describes a African drum language that was used to send detailed messages over long distances.

You can try out the app (and listen to cool sounds) here: Drum app

I’ve tested in on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


Really cool :clap:

One thing I noticed, don’t know if its intentional, I clicked play, then sample one then sample two, and they seem to play over each other - sounds good though, reminded me of tracks from ‘The Black Dog’ (if anyone else knows them).

Gotta go out, but might have a proper play later tonight.

Them: What did you do today?
Me: Oh nothing much. Just listened to Chapter 1 of the Hobbit though drums

Yes, I did past all of chapter 1 into both boxes and hit play. It did lag for a moment, but then started playing and it was fun to listen to!

I’ve actually been wanting this for some time. Years ago (likely lost to time) I made a thing that converted text to images, very abstract ones. I always wanted an audio version, so thank you! I also tried pasting in some Elm code of mine to “hear my code”, and enjoyed that too.

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Oops! An oversight on my part. Fixed now. Also: added a reset button which sometimes comes in handy.

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