🌀 Airsequel - First public beta release

Airsequel is a hosting platform for SQLite databases and automatically provides a GraphQL API and a spreadsheet interface for each database.

Or more succinct: Our goal is to make Airsequel the best place to host your data! :grin:

I’m posting this here, because our whole frontend is written in Elm and we’ve a dedicated tutorial on how to write a simple GraphQL Elm app and connect it to Airsequel here.

We’ve had a small private beta in March with a few people from the Elm Slack and since then we’ve been working with a lighthouse customer to add essential features and make it ready for a larger pool of people.

The main changes we made since then are:

  • New website with additional information
  • Add grid GUI to edit data in tables
    • Focus view to edit one row at a time
  • Support upload of CSV files
  • Enterprise edition with more features and custom hosting options
    (compare the different editions at airsequel.com/pricing)
  • Make GraphQL API fully compliant with official spec
  • Add action buttons to overview page
    (download / duplicate / replace / delete database)
  • Set up an uptime status page
  • Extend documentation and move it to Notion
  • Build an Elm SPA frontend for better responsiveness

For a full list of all changes please check out the Airsequel Changelog.

Also, we’re now represented on all major social media platforms (Discord, Matrix, Reddit, GitHub, Twitter) and we have a newsletter. We haven’t been very active yet, so please subscribe to give us an incentive! :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re looking forward to getting your feedback on our first public release. :blush:
Simply hit reply, write us on social media, or leave a ticket / feature request in our official Tracker at github.com/Airsequel/Airsequel-Issues.


Congratulations on the release! Excited to see more Elm based startups.


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