Announcing Built with Elm - the official fork

Built with Elm is a generous project that was started by Luke Westby, in early December 2015 (first commit), with the intention to showcase the awesome work of the Elm community. He wanted to create a place for people to have their work recognized and for their work to stand as examples for those who are new to the language.

A few days ago I was given ownership of the project and so I wanted to let everyone know that:

  1. Built with Elm will continue to be actively developed and maintained.
  2. The goals of the project remain the same, i.e.
  • To showcase the awesome work of the Elm community.
  • To create a place for people to have their work recognized.
  • To have the works stand as examples for newcomers to the language.

What can you do to support the project?

The most important things you can do right now to support this project are (in order of importance):

Share the website

Built with Elm

Find projects that interest you and share them with friends, co-workers and other communities. For e.g. here’s a beautiful game that was recently added.

Submit your web apps


The latest submission on the site was submitted 4 months ago. I personally would love to see the awesome work you’re doing, so please share your project when you think it is ready for a wider audience.

Star the GitHub page

Source on GitHub

When you fork a project all the stars remain with the original project. GitHub stars, though superficial on many levels, send an undeniably strong signal to people that a project is worth their time and attention. Unfortunately my fork hasn’t got any stars. If you value this project and would love to support the work I’m doing then please star the GitHub page.

Submit bug reports


If something is wrong with the site, please let me know as soon as possible by submitting a bug report.


Evan personally reached out to me when I started showing interest in the project and he suggested a plan for me to follow to get my technical changes accepted. He then coordinated with Luke to help me get the domain.

Luke entrusted me with the project and I’m immensely grateful for his kindness.

Thank you @evancz and @luke.

Technical Highlights

  • Upgraded to 0.19.1
  • Changed the structure of the application to that suggested in and stepped away from the model, view, update module separation
  • Added data structures to explicitly model the concepts used in the application
  • Added support for query parameters: Built with Elm

Ref: commits


Great initiative. Thank you from all of us!


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