Announcing elm-review v2

Hello all!

I am really excited to release elm-review v2 today!

There was a lot of work put into this version, and pretty much all the use-cases that I wanted to make possible with elm-review are now possible, thanks to all the new features that were introduced.

tl;dr: Here is the list of the new features:

New review capabilities:

  • Project rules!
  • Reporting errors for elm.json
  • Reading the dependencies’ docs.json file
  • Visiting the file
  • Visiting the comments and documentation
  • New helpers for creating rules

Easier to use:

  • Much faster, and with a watch mode
  • Configuring exceptions
  • A fix-all flag
  • Better default folder structure
  • Tests included by default
  • More rules to start with

I welcome feedback and help, so hit me up on Slack personally (@jfmengels) or on the #elm-review channel.


I am going to hold an “ask me anything” session about elm-review.
It will be on Friday 17th, at 6PM CET (Paris Time), 9AM west coast time, on Twitch
You can ask your questions in advance here:
It will be recorded, unless technical difficulties arise.

Also, there have been two recordings related to elm-review

I hope you’ll enjoy these episodes and join me on Friday :slight_smile:


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