Announcing hindent-elm

Hi, I was not satisfied with the haskell formatters found in the wild, being an avid supporter of the elm-format style, so I forked hindent and modified it to follow elm-format guidelines as close as possible. It’s not an elm project but I think there is a good chance some elm programmers here are also haskell programmers and would be happy to have something like that.

The project is called hindent-elm. It’s still very much WIP in the sense that it sometimes breaks haskell code while trying to format the code as close to elm-format as possible.


Have you tried benchmarking your formatter on some large files to see the difference in performance from elm-format.

This is a haskell formatter so I could not compare the two in a way that makes sense.

I agree that it doesn’t really make sense to compare them, but you could choose a large Elm file, that won’t quite be valid Haskell syntax, but a simple replace of ’ : ’ for ’ :: ’ would make it so. I guess what I’m saying is it wouldn’t be too difficult to generate two files which were essentially the same stuff, and then compare elm-format to hindent-elm.

I’ve wanted this for so long!! Thank you!!

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