Ascii Collab: Progress update!

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5 months ago I presented an app that lets you draw ascii art with other people. It had the basics like undo/redo, copy/paste, and box selection.

I’ve made progress since then. The most notable of which is that I, with the help of many other people, drew enough ascii art to fill a poster sized region!

(Here’s the raw poster image

Other new features are:

Lastly, I want to thank @supermario for creating Lamdera. Without it, I probably wouldn’t have gotten this far.

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It’s really fascinating, and I’m jealous of the poster - it brings me 90s/00s nostalgia :slight_smile:
You have a talented bunch in the ascii-collab community!

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Thank you! Interesting that you mention that, someone else commented here with “this site is so aggressively and wonderfully early 2000’s internet in the best ways I could imagine”. I’m guessing the website evokes the feeling of a really clunky to use message board.

Also you’re welcome to print your own copy of the poster :smiley:

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