Auth0 elm 0.19 examples

I am pretty new to elm, but I’d like to use auth0 for secure authentication because I think my own would be pretty terrible in regard to safety concerns. I however cannot find anything that was made in elm 0.18. All the tutorials are from 2016 and 2018. The 2018 ones aren’t in .19 either. Does anyone know a good tutorial for .19 or should I just make it myself?

I think you should be able to reuse the tutorials for 0.18 - there might be some small problems (the way models/commands are returned in update for example - and sadly http-request changed a bit which might cause more work here) but the basics should still work.

If you point us to the tutorials you’ve found we might give you more hints on what you’ll likely have to change.

Not a tutorial, but there is some examples linked here:

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I’m getting an error with every single package, but when I try to install them separately it says they are already indirectly installed.(also checked they are all in the json file) One of my friends who is a lot better has no clue what’s going on either.

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