Basic bar tooltip question

I cannot get this running.
What should be set to the Place of Datum?
Lines 12 and 21
I cannot find a Datum type:

12| { hovering : List (CI.One Datum CI.Bar) }
These names seem close though:

It accepts Int in that place, is it Ok?
Does Datum mean here just the type of data used?

Next question, how should the data be on the line 48?
I used the data of another example for Basic bar.
Is this Ok? (Well, propably not because here are stacked bars.)
[ { x = 1, y = 3, z = 1 }
, { x = 2, y = 2, z = 3 }
, { x = 3, y = 4, z = 2 }

Is there anywhere presented a complete code which works for this example?

I think there is an type alias Datum = ... in the example missing, which represents the (one) data.

This is the example with all the code needed: elm-charts/TrickyTooltip.elm at master ยท terezka/elm-charts ยท GitHub

I tried to run this but there is something wrong with main missing.
See this

The main function needs to return a Program, so:

Docs for Browser are here: Browser - browser 1.0.2

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Thank you for help, this works Ok.

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