Choosing a GraphQL framework for your elm app - expert panel with demos!

Hello everyone!

I get a lot of questions about which GraphQL frameworks are the best choice to use for an elm app. So I’m getting help from some experts to answer that question for all you lovely elm folks! The entire purpose of the discussion is to give you, as an elm dev, enough understanding of the 5 frameworks we’re exploring in order to decide which might be a good fit for your stack so you can explore it in depth.

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Monday, May 6th
8am PT / 11am ET

The expert panelists

We have some amazing panelists! They’re representing these different frameworks:

  • (PostGraphile) by maintainer, Benjie

  • (Prisma) Novvum CTO, Rohit Ravikoti

  • (Hasura) founder, Tanmai Gopal

  • (AWS Amplify) , Nader Dabit from the Amplify team

  • (join-monster) Blissfully CTO, Aaron White

All of the frameworks in this session are declarative GraphQL API frameworks (rather than traditional server frameworks like Rails or Express). I think these frameworks are particularly interesting for elm apps because you can work with a really nice full-stack experience when combined with elm. We’ll explore some of the interesting characteristics of these frameworks in our discussion, including:

  • Type-safety
  • Performance benefits
  • Ease of use


This discussion will give you a 10-minute demo off some of the different frameworks. Followed by a panel discussion where we answer your questions and compare the different solutions out there.

Absinthe stream coming soon

I’ll also be announcing a session dedicated to demoing Elixir’s GraphQL framework, Absinthe. We’ll have the full session to show off its unique features, and to answer your questions. Stay tuned!

Have questions?

Please post your questions here if there’s something you’d like us to address in the panel discussion! I hope to see you there!


Cool! Very interested in the Absinthe session.


@rasputin303 I just posted the Absinthe session! It will be the week after the framework panel.

Tuesday, May 14th
8am PT / 11am ET


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