Clients expressing doubt about choosing Elm

Oh yeah, of course :sweat_smile:Do you mind asking GWI? I’ll reach out to some others, too. If there are any other representatives in the thread, please let me know if you’d like the logo up!

(Edit: Feel free to send the logo + quote to - thank you!)


@terezka StructionSite wants to put up a logo!


Orange uses Elm in production :slight_smile: (I work on an Elm project for Orange)

Edit: I just asked for the permission to add the logo on the Elm website.

Edit2 : the link above is the link of the public portal of the company, not a link towards a website made using Elm. We use it for internal apps only by now.


I’ve asked the person in the company who I believe has the say in this; I’ll get back with a confirmation if I get it :slight_smile: Let us know if you also need some short testimonial quotes or something. Oh and I’m also writing that longer-form blogpost. :sweat_smile:


Arrival | The New Method - where @unsoundscapes just accepted a job



Job listings (from Elm Slack), may provide leads:

There are others further back, but I can’t see past the event horizon


Yay! Thank you! I’m curious if you have any quotes / blog posts I could link to as well?

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Great! A short testimonial would be wonderful, and a blog post even better! Thank you!

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I’ve got a logo for Humio that you can put up, but it’s an SVG, so I can’t upload it to Discourse. I’ve got this link instead:
Note that it expires in a week :slightly_smiling_face: We also don’t have anything in the way of testimonials or blog posts at the moment, but I’m trying to cook something up. We’ll see when it happens though.


I have the written confirmation of my Head of Departement you can add Orange to the list of companies using Elm on the Elm web site.

7 Likes, from this blog post:

looks like a small compnany


We at Fission would love to be put up a logo as well.

We have our logo as svg here: kit/logo-dark-colored.svg at master · fission-suite/kit · GitHub

About a testimonial: There’s no blog post about using elm from us, yet, but here are some words from one of our public forum posts:

I don’t think it can just be quoted directly. In case you’d like us to provide one, I can ask for an actual quote @terezka :slight_smile:


I will ask at Rakuten too.

I wonder what are the legal requirement about adding a company logo to a page. Is a public statement from the company or an employee of the company enough or an official agreement is required?

I have seen sites where adding/removing testimonials is just a matter to send a PR, no questions asked.

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I’m guessing it’s a matter of company policy. At Humio, my team quickly agreed that we should just do it, and there’s no point in trying to push it upwards, because we can make that decision as well as anyone above as can.


I am not a lawyer, so please treat what follows with the skepticism it deserves!

I work for a company whose business is to write customer testimonials and case studies for big technology companies, so I can tell you the common practice that I’ve observed re: use of logos.

Typically, the organisation that wants to use the logo will seek explicit permission from the organisation that owns the logo. This permission is usually just an email from someone working for the logo-owner who has the authority to make the decision - for example, if it’s a large company, then the head of corporate communications might be the right person; for a smaller company, perhaps one of the directors or senior management team.

In some cases, the organisation that wants to use the logo will get their lawyers to draft a permission form that they’ll ask the logo-owner to sign. In other cases, I’ve seen it the other way around, where the logo-owner has a form that they ask the logo-user to sign (usually specifying that the logo can only be used in certain contexts, or for a certain period of time).

In short, I haven’t come across a common standard; it seems to me that as @KasMA1990 says, each company has its own policies on how strictly they will police the usage of their logo. This can range from a simple “yes of course” to a byzantine maze of bureaucracy that takes months to navigate.

For what it’s worth, if I were collecting logos, I would make sure that I had written permission from the logo-owner (even if it’s just a clearly worded email) and I’d keep a record of all the permissions that I had obtained. That way, I’d have some solid documentation if anyone later questions my use of the logo.


I’m a bit confused here. Are we actually speaking about adding logos to ? On what page? (I currently don’t see any logo) @terezka do you have write access to this website? Where is this google search? What is the answer to the ultimate Question of Life , the Universe , and Everything?


Search for “Elm language”

The first hit prints " elm The 1st argument to drop is not what I expect: 8| List.drop (String.toInt userInput) [1,2,3,4,5,6] ^^^^^^^^^ …"

Which is an example on the main page, but it kind of looks like the site is reporting some error. The summary text should probably be saying “Elm is a delightful language
for reliable webapps with no runtime exceptions…” or whatever.

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Also the other stuff at the top of search results isn’t exactly promising:

Maybe we need a SEO expert or something…


I never expanded the questions but yeah that looks really bad. First impression - Elm gives some weird error message and its dead and has no developers any more. :open_mouth:

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I think that a meta tag on would help the search engine:

<meta name="Description" content="Elm - A delightful language for reliable webapps">

The chrome Lighthouse also gives this suggestion under SEO (along with some other suggestions)

P.S. created an issue to add the meta tag on Github


On a more positive note - I really like where this thread is going with the collaboration on fixing stuff. Feels like there is lot of latent energy that we can unlcok by continuing in this way. :heart: