Clients expressing doubt about choosing Elm

I redesigned the website and fixed the search result. Will publish early next week! Might hold off on the logos until I they have all been confirmed by the appropriate authorities, but don’t think that should block the update :slight_smile:


haha :joy: yeah, we’re talking on - there are no logos currently, but they idea was to add them!

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Totally agree with Rupert! Positivity is the only way to counter negativity. Just like in physics with electric charge. So good to see concrete suggestions and action resulting therefrom. Am looking forward to seeing the next iteration of the website … and the logos!!

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A very minor change to improve Lighthouse score on the remake-3 branch is to add the language attribute to html

<html lang="en">

(This is mainly to help screen readers … but it also helps web-crawlers … )


The edureka page about dying languages is a either a joke or a click bait when you read stuff like this about Haskell:

A number of prominent firms and projects (Facebook, GitHub, etc.) have all used Haskell to implement vital programs at one point or another. However, Haskell continues to flatline on RedMonk’s long-term language rankings, suggesting that there’s virtually no developer buzz around it. Dying, or totally dead?

I would laugh if it wasn’t so sad as some newbies may believe this BS. :unamused:


Done! Thank you for the suggestion!

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Anonther criteria for a good ranking on Google, and maybe other search engines, is the frequency of updates. So updating the site next week is an excellent thing. Thank you Terezka!

On my side I’m writing a book about Elm —in French—, but maybe I should take a short break and write a blog post, based on the content of the recent talks I gave (REX on using Elm in production during two years at Orange).

Another point I’ve already said several times is that disregarding Stack Overflow is a mistake. Although you always can deny the interest of “studies” made by Tiobe, Redmonk and other, the poor ranking of Elm in their publications, as well as the low activity on S.O., contribute to the low interest into Elm.


Excited to hear about your book, Pascal! A blog post would of course be wonderful, too!

What do you suggest more concretely to be done regarding Stack Overflow? Just to encourage community members to answer questions? Not sure I have the full context. I’m happy to list a link to it somewhere on if that’d be helpful. :blush:

@PascalLeMerrer I try here and there to help with SO questions but lack of reputation makes it more difficult to help there than other places. E.g. I can’t comment on questions or answers because I don’t have 50 reputation yet. I realize SO is popular within software in general but it has an abnormally high barrier to entry to people who aren’t frequent on it but can answer questions. Compared to say where I’m assisting very frequently or Discord, Slack, and Reddit where I do also help frequently. I think this says more about SO than Elm and unfairly (maybe a better word is needed) hurts Elm.


Now you do :wink: Thanks for answering questions everywhere!

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@jfmengels thank you for the rep!

I’m happy to answer questions where ever I can. I enjoy passing on knowledge.


There is no lack of answers on Elm questions on SO, but a lack of questions.
People in the community are encouraged to ask questions on Slack, where they get quickly very good answers. However these answers are lost after a few weeks. And they dont help the language to be visible, while more questions on SO would.


To illustrate what I’m saying; only 6 Elm questions were asked on SO since the begining of 2021.

If you need any help with StackOverflow, I have plentiful rep points, so feel free to get in touch (this would most likely be for stuff like tags etc)

Also I now added the Elm tag page to my RSS reader, so will try to keep a bit more of an eye on activity there.


@terezka Here is a nice collection of companies using Elm:

The latest PR links to this article:


Check out the latest post in #jobs in the Slack for a very good posting there … a company in Australia. Could be good for logo and also maybe a story. Mario Rogic (@supermario) knows them.

Quote from the job posting:

We really like weekends. This is why throughout our codebases, we’re moving to static types and a functional-programming mindset. We’ve found that this has resulted in fewer bugs, less maintenance and less time spent writing tests that just check for dynamic type explosions. We’d rather have code that “just works” delivered a little later than code that “sometimes works” delivered a little sooner. We use Elm as our principal front-end framework and most of our greenfields projects are being written in Haskell.


Lookin’ gorgeous! :star_struck:

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The first sentence in the job posting is so attractive.

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