Dash docset for Elm now uses the packages.elm-lang.org styling

For all of you who uses Dash (https://kapeli.com/dash) or Zeal (https://zealdocs.org/) for offline elm packages documentation:

We have updated the list of packages (and I’ll try to do that on monthly bases in the future) but we have also changed the coloring of the code snippets. It now uses the style that is at the packages.elm-lang.org site instead of default one.

Do you like it? Do you have some requests regarding Dash elm documentation?

File the issue at https://github.com/kraklin/elm-docset or (continuation of pdamoc/elm-docset, thanks @pdamoc for that :wink: )


I didn’t know about Zeal. Gonna try it out.

Code snippets are looking good :slight_smile:

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https://zealdocs.org/ :wink:

Uhm, I couldn’t find the Elm docset. How can I enable it?

I’m using Dash, not Zeal so I have no particular idea - quick googling on the topic found this and Elm is mirrored there: https://zealusercontributions.now.sh/

To install a docset in Zeal: 
Copy the .xml url, open Zeal, click on Tools -> Docsets... -> Installed -> Add feed. Paste the URL and click OK
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Do you like it?

Yes! I love having docs available offline and on a hotkey. So helpful! I have docsets for all the languages and libraries I use available trivially. Dash has some warts (like prefixing the haskell and hackage docsets differently) but I don’t mind 'em at all since the benefit is so enormous.

To that end, thank you for taking over and updating this! Really helpful. :heart:

Do you have some requests regarding Dash elm documentation?

I actually do! I wonder about using this generation script to generate a docset for only the packages and versions that a specific project uses? For example, I work on a really big project and we took a while to upgrade to elm/http 2.x since 1.x was working fine for us. I’d love to run this script in CI and publish an XML to an internal location so that I could pull down the correct set of docs for each project to make this situation a little easier. Do you think that would be possible?

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@brian Thanks for pointing that out. It was not obvious to me that we are creating packages for only the latest version and in our company we had the problem with being on HTTP 1.0 for a while as well so I can relate to the need for having different version of the package docs e.g. locally.

It should be possible with some e.g. whitelist of versions you want for specific packages as right now it is hardcoded to take the last one - https://github.com/kraklin/elm-docset/blob/master/generate.py#L337

I’m not a Python dev, so I’m not sure if the change needed is huge or small one, I can imagine something like:

  • read whitelist for versions
  • process docs, if you find package that is whitelisted, try to get the specified version, if you can’t use the latest

If you know how to Python, feel free to file PR and we can discuss it there :wink:

The update looks good. Thank you for maintaining the docset! I use it practically every day in Dash. For me it isn’t even about offline use, it’s just much more convenient for me than the package site because of the search and navigation.


Yeah, that’s so true. I’m quite used to the ability of searching the exact function I need from the package :smiley:

Thanks for this! I was wondering if there was an Elm docset available.

For those on Windows, I couldn’t get Zeal to work, but there is another doc viewer, Velocity, that seems to work ok.

Thank you. I didn’t know that Velocity exists as I used Zeal back in my Windows days. So I hope everything runs smoothly there :wink:

Thank you ! I use Dash 3 sometimes, and wasn’t aware that there is an elm dockset for it, always wanted it ! Also, there is one little issue for Dash 3: There are no left and right whitespace margins like shown in your screenshot …

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