Demystifying Jeremy's Interfaces

Maybe this is known and just awaiting prose, but the sense left in the last few messages isn’t clear.

You are pre-computing the doubled object which in turn has a doubled-object to pre-compute, etc. The interface should have a function from unit to the doubled object and the top-level Thing wrapper can have a function which hides. (If Elm 0.19 had not removed lazy values, you could put a lazy object into the interface and force it in the top-level wrapper to avoid recomputes.)

Hi Mark, thank you for your remark. Nice to see your name again.

The next parts of this series are in the works, but unfortunately I have a lot of other things to do currently, so it will take me a few more days to publish the next part. Sorry about that.

Your post not only contained a hint how to deal with the last problem, but also gave me a few more days before this topic will be closed :smile: :+1: