Deploying Elm to GitHub Pages using GitHub Actions

Hi folks,

I created an example repo, elm-to-gh-pages, containing a GitHub Actions workflow to build and deploy an Elm app to GitHub pages. My hope is that this can be an approachable way for people new to elm or actions to get their app out there. If you have ideas on how to improve it please open a PR!


Very nice!

I never took the time to look into github actions, your template makes things that much easy.

On suggestion would be to mention using elm-live for the dev env (for people new to Elm), which seems to be a natural fit for the default/easy setup. index.html would then need to be gitignored by default.

If one is deploying a static site, then would probably use elm-pages

If one is deploying a SPA, will probably serve the SPA from the backend along with other assets, using the cheapest service (Render? Something else?) that supports your backend stack of choice.

Maybe you have something like serverless or a backend as a service in mind as the backend to work together with the elm app?

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