Effortless SDKs

For about 2 years now I’ve been on and off working on a package and CLI for generating Elm SDKs from an Open API spec (OAS). This was initially inspired by my time at Square where we used OAS to generate SDKs and documentation. I haven’t had a use for it since then but @RyanNHG encouraged me to keep going during Strange Loop last year.

I managed to finish up an initial first pass of the Elm package wolfadex/elm-open-api. Not long after I started the code gen side, and @miniBill joined in and contributed a lot. Finally I’ve published the initial release of the CLI tool :tada:

I’ve written more about this and my future plans in my release blog post.


That is fantastic. I once started writing a swaggerparser in purescript. As the swagger spec was quite a beast and because it was one of those pet projects, i of course did not finish it.

Did it because i wanted to have some graphical representation of the data structures like in the old days with XML.


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