ELM applying two function in my function

hello, i try to apply two function first filter and then applying my function i have a problem in line 39 thank you for helping : https://ellie-app.com/dY6QcvXzsCja1

It looks like you’re trying to use a comma to separate your functions as well as reuse the inputs value in both functions. This won’t work firstly because a comma doesn’t have any meaning in Elm. The second issue is that Elm doesn’t mutate values. What you likely want is something closer to https://ellie-app.com/dY7YX45mJw7a1

    filteredInputs = List.filter (\x -> x /= "") inputs
getPolishSumHelper filteredInputs []

or if you prefer to use parentheses you could write it as

getPolishSumHelper (List.filter (\x -> x /= "") inputs) []

If you wanted to make this more like idiomatic Elm, I would reorder the arguments in getPolishSumHelper so that the input is the last argument. This would then make your code look more like

getPolishSumHelper [] (List.filter (\x -> x /= "") inputs)

which could then be written using pipe |> as

    |> List.filter (\x -> x /= "")
    |> getPolishSumHelper []

which reads as

  • given input
  • first, filter out empty strings
  • then use getPolishSumHelper

thank you very much it’s very helpful

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