Elm-conf workshop on parsers?

I would like to see if there is interest in a workshop on writing small parsers in Elm — this is for the upcoming elm-conf in July. The idea would be to work through a small, self-contained example like the one discussed in this Medum article — an implementation of the mini-language Arith discussed in Benjamin Peirce’s Type Theory and Programming Languages (TAPL). We would discuss how the parser is built, then show how to write an interpreter. It is all pretty compact: just 178 loc for both — see the GitHub repo. Then we would hook the interpreter and parser up to a repl using a small Elm program and and even smaller Javascript program.

The next, and most fun part of the workshop, would be for the participants to extend the language in various ways (or to write their own if they wish). We, the organizers, will have some tested suggestions for the participants.

I’ve started working on some notes, so that participants could study ahead if they wish: GitHub. The notes are a work-in-progress.

In addition to expressions of interest / doing publicity / making suggestions, what is really important is to have some volunteers to help with the workshop. The organizers of elm-conf suggest a 3:1 ratio, so for every three participants, we need a person to answer questions, help with code, etc. If you are interested in helping with this or if you have comments of any kind, you can either post them here on Discourse, or DM me on the Elm Slack at jxxcarlson.



I’ve had really good response (four people!) for mentors for a parser workshop, so I think we are all set. Thank you all!

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