Elm Debugger Update

I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder but people need to know that the Elm debugger has been updated! It’s amazing! How did this one sneak out? Great job @robin.heggelund and @evancz.


Am I the only one having issues with the new debugger and Firefox?

On my Ubuntu 18.04, it works very well with Chrome, but with Firefox 70.0, resizing or clicking a message takes several seconds, even with a simple example like the counter one :thinking: I have not yet investigated.

I’ve noticed similar issues on Firefox (Nightly) on macOS. Sometimes it’s laggy, though not always.

The new debugger is a lot nicer. The debugging story for Elm has been one of my big complaints about Elm.

I have only tested on Mac OS X. Let me know what you find out, I’ll be happy to look into it.

Thanks. I had “Open links in tabs instead of new windows” in my Tabs settings, so the debugger was opened in a new tab instead of a new window, and because the program window is then not the focused tab anymore, messages sent to it are very slow (some background tabs throttling).

Without this setting or by moving the debugger tab in a dedicated window (which is how it is useful anyway), everything works smoothly.

Thank you very much for your work, the improved debugger is really nice :heart:


Thanks for the improved debugger. It’s much more useful, esp. with complex messages.

I wonder if it would make sense to display messages from Debug.log there instead of browser console? It could be useful for debugging update function (what’s happening between receiving a message and returning a new model).

We actually did try this, but it was difficult to get it to work properly, so it was removed.

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Its awesome!

A thought: If I refresh the app the window closes. Would it be possible to just keep it open (in a “inactive state” and “reuse” the same window when activating the debugger next time. That would mean I can position the debugger once and always have it open. That is the only reason I rarely use it but now with these improvements I really want to! :smile:

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