Elm-Native, a library which uses nativescript API to build mobile apps with elm

Hello folks,

I’m working on a library that uses NativeScript to build mobile apps with elm.
Here’s a demo of a slightly complicated app ported to elm-native. Elm ports are used for image picker only. Everything else can be done within elm.

Elm native now supports,

  • Page transition animations
  • Modal view
  • Execution of OS specific property assignment and Native code
  • Navigating page back and forth using frame functions
  • Has bindings for all Nativescript UI elements
  • Calling methods/ Setting attributes in the event object within elm
  • Typesafe *

Demo video link

I’ll post more updates about the progress soon.


Wow, very cool! Excited to follow the progress :blush:


I’ve been playing around with different approaches to this too - glad to see there’s interest! Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!

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I was fearing running myself into a corner choosing Elm for an app I’m developing, but this news means I can use the language even past the MVP phase!

Please let me know if you need beta testers, happy to help :slight_smile:

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