Elm-natural 1.0.1: Performance improvements

I recently released version 1.0.1 of elm-natural. I worked on improving the performance of the arithmetic operations, specifically divModBy , mul , and exp .

For divModBy I switched from a straightforward divide and conquer algorithm to a really neat but complicated divide-and-correct long division algorithm that’s described in this paper.

For mul I started using the Karatsuba algorithm for sufficiently large numbers. In this case, numbers with more than 1000 base-2^26 digits or a little more than 7000 decimals digits.

Check out GitHub - dwayne/elm-natural at 1.0.1 to see the performance results and to learn how it compares against cmditch/elm-bigint.

Chrome benchmark reports

The benchmark report for version 1.0.0.

The benchmark report for version 1.0.1.

It was really satisfying to see how division with remainder went from 1,891 runs/second to 10,987 runs/second.


This is a very cool package! The math is way over my head. :wink:

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