Elm Online Meetup - August 2021

The next Elm Online Meetup is on Wednesday August 4th.

This time we’re having a 3-in-1 languages-in-Elm special!

  • Hayleigh will talk about “If it’s broke, fix it: programming language development in Elm”
  • Jim will talk about “Fault-tolerant parsing and the L1 markup language”
  • Andrey will talk about “Implementing lambda calculus in Elm”

Full info and signup is here: https://meetdown.app/group/10561/Elm-Online-Meetup

Hope to see you there!


Looking forward to this one!

Are the talks recorded and made available anywhere? They look interesting, but unfortunately I won’t be able to attend as it runs over my children’s bedtime!

Hey Chris - yep I’ve started recording them and will make them available in a post after the event on the Elm Online Meetup YouTube channel.


Brilliant, thanks very much!

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