Elm Online Meetup - Elm in Production Edition

Hi all!

The next Elm Online Meetup is on Wed 18th Oct – Elm in Production edition :rocket: come hear Nimmo on Elm @themindgym (~2.5y, 25 engineers, 160k LOC) and @wolfadex on Elm @VendrHQ (~7y, 40 engineers, 602k LOC)!

Signup and full details here: https://meetdown.app/group/10561/Elm-Online-Meetup

Look forward to seeing everyone there, especially if you run Elm in production (at any size) – I’d love to hear from you at this meetup!

NB: If you’re on Twitter/X, I’d appreciate it if you re-tweet: https://twitter.com/realmario/status/1705500066058793136


Looking forward to that! You have a typo in the post, it’s Wed 4th October I think.

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Unfortunately going to have to push the meetup back a couple weeks to accommodate something unexpected coming up for one of our speakers.

So we’ll now meet on Wed the 18th Oct instead.


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