🎙 Elm Radio Episode 040: Phantom Builder Pattern

:studio_microphone: Elm Radio Episode 040: Phantom Builder Pattern is out!

In this one, I introduce the phantom builder pattern and how it enables new guarantees in Elm API design.

In case you want to learn more, I’ll be presenting this topic at the next Elm Online Meetup (October 6th). Having slides available will help!

We hope you enjoy the episode!


Great stuff. I just learned something new in elm today :ok_hand::grinning:


Are you also going to do a blog post? (I think the topic was a bit technical for a podcast format).

(and … I also learned something new) :partying_face:

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I was about to ask the same but then I have found this: Phantom builder pattern in Elm. Elm’s simple, expressive type system… | by Josh Bebbington | carwow Product, Design & Engineering | Medium :slight_smile:


I’ll likely write a blog post at some point, to cover it fully and so that people can access it with any medium (podcast, talk, or article) :slight_smile:


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