Elm Radio episode 16: elm-graphql

We finally did an elm-graphql episode! We talk about elm-graphql fundamentals, how to organize your SelectionSets, and other best practices.


Great listen as usual.

I am wondering if the GraphQL schema approach could work for standard REST using the OpenAPI specification. Does anyone have any experiences with this in Elm?

Disclaimer, I do not know Elm or GraphQL so comparing GraphQL and OpenAPI might not be similar.

Glad you enjoyed the episode!

It’s a good question about tooling for other JSON APIs. I haven’t used JSON Schema, and I’m also not sure what the status of these projects is, but there are a couple of projects for using JSON schema in Elm:

GraphQL is nice because server implementations enforce the schema, and depending on the server-side framework you use, you can get some nice guarantees about keeping the schema in sync. I’m not sure how that experience compares to using JSON Schema, I’d be curious to hear people’s experiences with that.

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