Elm Radio Episode 56: elm-book

:studio_microphone: Elm Radio Episode 056: elm-book is out!

Georges Boris (@georgesboris) joins us to discuss elm-book and how it helps iterate on a design language of Elm widgets.

We hope you enjoy the episode!


I am really loving elm-book, and I’m actually a bit amazed that not every package creator uses it nowadays.

While writing the Leaf language, I really enjoyed how @georgesboris helped me out with things. There are a few more projects in the pipeline that will stress test elm-book a bit more… so I’m looking forward to working with Elm-Books again :wink:

My 2 cents on package vs guide:

In Leaf i more or less left out the package documentation completly and put all my tests as intereactive examples into the guide.

My next language (a dialect of Handlebars) will have the tests as elm-verify-example documentation in the package. And the guide for interactive examples and as a very light introduction to all mechanics.

So, I can say that once I have a guide, I don’t put much more effort into the documentation of the package.


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