Elm-reduce: Looking for codebases reproducing the Map.! Bug

Hi everyone, I’m looking for any codebase that reproduces the Map.! bug (or any other compiler bug, for example the index out of bounds bug).

I would like to have more test data for my bachelors thesis topic elm-reduce (link to an early version), which should ultimately reduce elm projects to SSCCEs automatically, given a command-line script that tests for compilation crashes (or any other ‘interesting’ behaviour).

So, if you still have a commit or branch on which you first encountered an elm compiler bug, I’d to get in touch! :slight_smile:


This codebase of ours currently has that bug: https://github.com/weekly-fp/boston-elm-arcade

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This issue also contains SSCCEs for the bug.

I hit it with https://github.com/Libbum/floorplan. It’s triggered by the use of kirchner/elm-selectize, but I haven’t traced any further than that since I’m aware of the fickleness of this bug.

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Thank you, however, just to clarify: I’m especially not looking for SSCCEs. Since I want to generate them myself automatically, I need the non-reduced projects.


@Philipp_Krueger We maintain this open source package which has the issue with --debug flag enabled. Hope you can use it for your project.


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