Elm Test thinks there are duplicate modules

I am trying to setup a new project and I am having a problem running tests, when I try to run elm test I am getting this. There is only one copy of the file present and I don’t quite know what would be causing this

Success! Compiled 127 modules.
Successfully generated /dev/null
I found multiple modules named ‘ForceGraphTest’.

Module ‘Test.Generated.Main644271090’ is trying to import it.

Modules with that name were found in the following locations:

directory /Users/zkessin/Documents/elm-force-graph/tests/ForceGraphTest.elm
directory /Users/zkessin/Documents/elm-force-graph/tests/ForceGraphTest.elm

Compilation failed for /Users/zkessin/Documents/elm-force-graph/elm-stuff/generated-code/elm-community/elm-test/src/Test/Generated/Main644271090.elm
make: *** [test] Error 1

What is source-directories in tests/elm-package.json set to?

I’ve seen this happen when there are duplicate/overlapping entries in there.

it had …/tests and . which were teh same thing. Removing that fixed it, thanks