Elm Town 47 – A Cool, Easy Way To Start Learning Haskell

Episode 47 is out with Stöffel discussing Jetpack, engineering management, and the growing use of Haskell at NoRedInk.



Nice to have new episodes in the feed! Thanks for the great podcast.

You talked about how it would be nice to do the command line options parsing in pure Elm. Just wanted to share, I already do this with elm-graphql, and I published the package for public use in case you’d like to try it out! The best part is that you are guaranteed to either 1) have valid, well-typed options, or 2) have a clear error message telling the user exactly what went wrong. Nothing in between!

You can try a live demo in a terminal emulator in this Ellie: https://ellie-app.com/38kQTj2rhVja1


I wonder if project like https://github.com/chriskiehl/Gooey can be an option added to a CLI builder as well. GUI is easier to keep the interface both verbose/structural and convenient without the CLI trade-off.

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