Elm UI widget customize text input full width

Hello all,

I’m trying out elm-ui-widgets on my first serious side hustle and I can’t get working basic thing, I want to customize input to be full width, I found out that in customize package there is elementTextInput but when I follow example and try to apply it on text input, types does not match:

W.textInput ( C.elementTextInput [] ( M.textInput M.defaultPalette ) )

Even when I try example from Customize it does not work, I need to rewrite it as:

W.textButton ( C.elementButton [] ( M.containedButton M.defaultPalette ) )

But back to text input problem, when I examine package source I find out that TextInputStyle has completely different structure that what C.elementTextInput expect. Am I supposed to manualy update that TextInputStyle structure?

Thank you for any help,
Have a great day :slight_smile:

I solved it manually this way for now:

textInputFullWidth style =
    { style | elementRow = style.elementRow ++ [( E.width E.fill )] }

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